16 June 2020 — Written by Andy Delso

Professional Projects - Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Data Mocking

Uses Kotlin and Wiremock to provide mocked responses to our mobile app. Allows for easier testing of error states and such.

Mobile automation

Contributions to our automation framework that uses Geb, Spock, Appium and SpringBoot. All tests are written using Groovy and run using SauceLabs. All tests are setup in Jenkins using job dsl style.

Personal Projects

Selenium Framework

A reusable Selenium framework built using the newest version of Selenium at the time, SpringBoot, and JUnit5 amongst other things. Uses component based page object model as described and improved upon in my blog article.

React Playground

A very simple React based website with an Express server backend. Intended to be used in testing above selenium project over using solutions in order to have better control over the selectors available in the front end implementation. I used create-react-app to set up the project and express serves the site.

Card Shuffle

Simple object-oriented programming exercise using Java for an interview I did a while ago that shuffles a common deck of playing cards.

Fragments of Palladium

A game developed by a team of folks from work using Java and the LibGDX library. Project lead was Bedford West. I personally worked on some pixel art and the programming for the controls. This was never completed, but restarted using Godot engine in 2020.

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