So I figured I would make Mondays a regular post and do something creative. Two birds with one stone right? Score one for me!

So last weeks recap. Monday I wrote the initial post about being creative this August. You can find it here. Basically I just want to encourage myself to be a bit more creative in hopes that it will jog my intrest in sketching and other things again.

Tuesday my streaming partner was a bit busy. So I streamed on my own. While this counts on my list of things to do for the challenge. It wasn’t very challenging. The issue is, I was playing Overwatch. ALL the big names in streaming are playing the game regularly. So I had no one to really interact with other than my friend I was grouped with. So it was mostly me swearing each time I died (kinda like my roommate does playing games like call of duty, but less so lol). I’ve noticed that Snuffy (my co streamer) and I have had fair luck playing older games and having a handful of people that watch other than people we know. So hopefully when we play Uncharted again next week, we will have an audience and things to talk about. Here comes a shameless plug: Check us out on

Wednesday was not something creative but none the less something I wanted to do more of this summer. My roommate, girlfriend, and I went and played some tennis. Although the usual courts I played at were taken! However, this was a blessing in disguise, because it forced us to look else where. We found some other courts 5 min away with lights! It was so fun! I can’t quite explain how happy I am when I am playing tennis…and sore…but happy!

Thursday night, on a whim, roommate and I went to the sports store. The previous night, and another day, when I was playing tennis, the grip on my less than a year old racquet was shot! Any time I hit the ball, it would twist the racquet in my hand and make it very hard to play. So, I picked upa few over grips, a vibration dampener (looks like sunglasses emoji B) ) and some sweat bands. Yea, the week previously I had an issue with sweat getting into my eyes. Had a blast hitting around again with my roommate and found out the lights stay on until 10pm! Thats fantastic and we plan on making it a weekly thing.

Friday I had my kids and I don’t think I remember doing ANYTHING creative. However, the Olympics opening ceremony was on, and I am a huge fan of the Olympics. So it was cool to sit down with my kids and watch most of it with them. Of course my daughter is interested…because its TV. Actually, she was interested about it and asking questions, which is great.

Saturday I had a wedding to go to, so nothing creative was really accomplished. I did shoot at least one cool photo and messed with the new app craze called Prisma. Its pretty neat to be honest. So I tooled with that a bit and saved a few cool ones.

There is nothing really important to show as far as pictures are concerned. However, I had a conversation with a co-worker today about inspiration. He is a designer and sketches often. He seems to do it with such ease that I was intrigued as to how I could be the same, even if my art was just for fun.

His recommendation was to sketch daily if I want to be serious, which honestly, is not what I am going for just yet. He then suggested looking for a daily inspiration website, which I know does exist. So maybe I will try that soon. He also mentioned adult coloring books of which I do have one. I bought the Harry Potter one and spent money on a nice Prismacolor 36 colored pencil set (including a nice carry case for them). So that could be what I do next… but skething is really what I want to do. I think I am just afraid of what people will think of my art. So my mind messes with me and ends up making me feel not inspired.

Well, its only the first week, and honestly, it doesn’t have to end with August. I want to do it for the challenge, but I hope it also just turns into habit. Also, I should probably get the comments working on my site… Too tired to do so tonight. If you are good with Jekyll, let me know! Until then, I look forward to writing again next week. (I am not going to edit this one either. I’ll rely on spell check in the browser, but thats about it. I’m not trying to win any awards or anything >.< )

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